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We visualize, we design, we plan, we budget and then organize the most complex corporate events. We are focused on results, efficiency and successful experiences. For this to happen we work with the best suppliers in the field. Only this way we can offer 360-degree project management for any corporate event.

Concept and theme

An event with a well-defined concept is a significant event, one that communicates a powerful message about your company. Starting from your brief, we search the most suited theme, approach and concept so that your event reaches the targeted objectives.

Budget & planning

We are aware that a good offer is important for you and that is the reason why we negotiate and optimize the event budget until it reaches the right and agreed format. We have many suppliers from all the fields of interest and we will find the offers that fit your budget.

Location selection

The venue is one of the most important aspects of an event. We have a solid database, constantly updated and we can select the appropriate venues for each type of event you need to organise. Once the selection is made, we visit them together and we choose together the venue that fits all the brief’s requirements.

Transportation services

We provide transportation for local or distance transfers, for weekend trips, or for full events, be it off-site, team building or conference. We can provide all types of transportation, from small cars to big buses, all chosen to fit the event’s specifics.

Event branding

The event we organize can be the business card of your company. That’s why we focus on the details that make a difference from the beginning to the end of the event and we make sure that we provide the right promotional materials – starting from invitations, folders, roll-ups and menus and ending with photo-corners, mesh banners and giveaways. We present you the best ideas and production solutions to make sure that your event is visible and has the desired impact.

Entertainment services

We are very serious when it comes to deadlines and implementation, but we are equally delighted when it comes to integrate entertainment moment in your event. Music, artistic dance, acrobatics, wine tasting, magic show, stand-up comedy, casino games, interactive activations – no matter what the event profile is, we assure you that we will find the best version for your event to be a memorable one.

Furniture & logistics

Be it indoor or outdoor events, be it small and chic venues or big and impressive locations, be it retro theme or a futurist one we find and provide all the necessary logistic: from vintage decor elements to big furniture pieces, from table flowers to pallets for industrial decor.

Photo & Video services

Good photographs or a short, but meaningful video are two ingredients that shouldn’t be missing from your event. We make sure that the event’s story will be immortalized through the most beautiful and eloquent images. No matter the communication channels that you use, we will process the media materials in a way that will strengthen your visibility and support you in the post-event communication process.

Sound & lighting

We work with the best specialists in the field because we want to provide for your event top quality equipment and solutions for sound and light. We know how important it is to be heard when you have something significant to say and we also know how important it is to be seen when you have an audience that needs to follow you. No matter the type of event you desire, we know exactly how to make your voice be heard and how to put you in the spotlights.

Led screen

If you want impact, if you want to surprise the audience, if you want your brand to be truly visible for the entire event duration, then the LED screen is what you need. The size can be adjusted for small spaces, big spaces, narrow or long, high or low ceiling spaces. Together we find the choice that will make your event stand out.

Stage architecture

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor event, a celebration event or a gala dinner, you need a stage or a modular podium that will allow you to integrate in your event special moments such as speeches, awards, live shows, or a welcome introduction.

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