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Conferences are the best event format if you need to communicate to the external audience new, relevant and impactful information about your line of business. We are well-equipped to build an event in a classic business venue or in an unconventional, cool and relaxing one. We have the best solutions so that you can reach your business objectives.

Workshops, seminars

Workshops and seminars are the right approach when you want to communicate with your team, partners or to present impactful information or a new product to a targeted audience, in a more relaxed and interactive form. These events can be held in a classic format such as a conference hall or in more relaxed space such as HUBs or coffee shops.

The most important pieces of the puzzle for such an event are: the venue, the menu and the audience. And yes, we take care of all these aspects with great attention in order to reach the brief objectives.

Partner events

Do you want to launch a new product, to communicate your company’s values or simply strengthen the relationship with your business partners? Then this type of event is the best choice. You can choose a small private event or something bigger, with networking sessions, conference and entertainment. It can be indoor, outdoor or we can create a mix. Starting from your needs and availability, we are here to help you with the best ideas and implementation solutions, for your event to be a memorable one.


A mountain or a seaside getaway can be the perfect remedy for the stressing days at the office during times of operational blockage. Outdoor venues increase creativity and stimulate productivity.

We search and find the perfect space where you and your colleagues can work creatively and uninterrupted to come up with the best ideas for your project.


Teamwork is an important factor for any company and we know that better than anyone. We are prepared with the questions that provide us the essential information about your team so that we can propose the most suitable program for your team’s needs. Don’t worry, we won’t forget about the fun. We support learning by playing, so laughter and joy will always be present in the programs we create.

Themed Parties

Solid interpersonal relationships are the foundation for all successful businesses. Themed parties are the perfect way to guarantee fun with your colleagues, partners and clients. Also, they create a great opportunity for networking in a more relaxed setting. You just make the guest list and leave the theme and the organizing details to us!

Launch events

A launch event is an excellent way to introduce your newest product or service and raise the band awareness. Our mission is to bringtogether all the elements you need in order to make this event a relevant and memorable experience for the participants.

Road Shows

Do you need brand awareness? Do you want to increase your visibility on the market? If so, we recommend to take your company’s message on the road and to reach every city that is of interest for your business. We are here to help you find the best locations and structure the event to be as interactive as possible.

Gather your team and get ready for the road trip! We’ll take care of the rest of the details and we assure you that your event will happen exactly as planned.

Agro Events

Organizing an Agro Event is as spectacular as it is complex and difficult to implement. However, the challenges and the high complexity situations lead to original ideas and invite us in finding the most practical logistic solutions. We are proud to have managed more than 30 Agro Events. We have a lot of experience, expertise and all the necessary resources to make such an event happen when you need it.

CSR events

CSR events have a big impact on the community and organizing them regularly is more than welcomed in all companies. What we can tell you to be truth is that this type of event creates long-term benefits in terms of values and commitment for the ones who get involved. We choose the CSR projects very carefully so that they fit the values of your company.

Christmas parties

The Christmas party is the one all employees are waiting for the entire year. It is also one of our favorite types of event and for this we work with magic puzzle pieces and create fabulous experiences for you. We, Pro Events team, fill the role of elves and search the most beautiful and fit pieces of decor

with the pieces of the funniest entertainment moments and the ones of the best venue for your chosen theme so that your party can be one party – de scos to remember. Be it a classic Christmas style, or an extravagant urban party, whatever you choose we are here to make it happen!

Family Day

Family Day is a new type of event that is successful on the Romanian market. If you want to bring in one place the office family with the home family, this event offers the perfect opportunity. We choose a friendly place for both kids and parents, we create a menu that both kids and adults can fully enjoy, we can organize games, contests and funny socializing activities in order to encourage communication and create a good time for all participants.

Gala Dinner

If you are about to celebrate an important moment from the company’s history, or its’ foundation date, or you want to reward your partners and clients, a gala dinner is the most elegant mode to honor these moments. The venue, the menu, the entertainment, the decor, the speech for the audience, the atmosphere, they are all special ingredients that can create together a memorable event.

Company anniversary

Company anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate one or many successful years, to strengthenthe relationships between employees and to thank them for the all the effort and the achievements.

Based on your requests and specific needs we design the most suitable venue and approach for this event, we choose inspirational and emotional activities and speeches, we put all the pieces together and create a powerful event that meaningfully marks the special moment.

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